Coaching vs Mentoring


Coaching - A coach is someone who provides you with guidance on your goals, measures your progress, to help you reach your full potential.

Mentoring and coaching are often thought to be different names for the same thing, especially as they both involve teaching/learning, can be formal or informal, and push towards improvements and/or achievements.

A simple way to separate them is: coaching is goal focused (e.g. starting a company, hiring employees), mentoring is growth focused (e.g. learning how to run a company, lead a team, etc.).


Mentoring- A mentor is someone who shares their knowledge/skills/experience to help you develop and grow personally and/or professionally.

Mentoring is usually driven by the person being mentored; asking for advice, approaching with a specific gap or problem. The mentor would then offer their knowledge/experience to help guide them through to an answer and understand it.

Coaching is driven by the coach, and has a lot more structure, measured goals and agreed timelines.  Because of that, coaches are often your line manager, having the ability/access to measure your performance, send you for training, set objectives and open doors for you.

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